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We are proud to inform you, that as of 1.1.2019 Orbico has been appointed as the official and exclusive distributor for Sexxes products, for CZ,SK,BIH,SRB,KS,MKD & MN markets.

SEXXES®, product of Elmasel Pharma, Germany, is modern, trendy, sexy product for both women and man and targets all generations of adults. SEXXES® is totally natural sexual stimulator, a thrilling food supplement, especially adjusted for the needs of active men and women. Scientifically validated formulas with vitamin B3, trace elements selenium and zinc, and further natural extracts and powders of carefully selected plants, fruits and mushrooms – the two pill versions „FOR MEN“ and „FOR WOMEN“ fire up the love life of active people. Every single extract is already being used for many decades, because of their positive effects on human body.

Orbico and Elmasel Pharma will provide this products high level of distribution, sales support and POS services trouhgout the markets of CZ,SK,BIH,SRB,KS,MKD & MN.

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